Sytheon Introduces Asyntra® CBD-Alt, A patent Pending Carefully Crafted CBD-Alternate Product

Innovation isn’t limited to new synthetic structure or new application of a defined compound. The innovations that enable progress also include new methods of understanding. Sometimes the biggest impact comes from understanding the mechanism and coming up with an improved system, which allows us to reach our target faster. True innovation does require years of development.

Sytheon introduces Asyntra® CBD-Alt, a patent-pending carefully crafted product that acts synergistically with CBD/Hemp Oil, amplifying its most positive attributes. It can also be used alone. The product significantly reduces the loss of anandamide, the “bliss molecule” that relieves stress & revitalizes skin for a relaxed appearance & radiant glow. Wherever you stand with your CBD/Hemp Oil product development or commercialization, don’t stop – innovate further by Amplifying the Power of CBD/Hemp Oil with Asyntra® CBD-Alt.

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APPROVED for use in China