Who We Work With

Sytheon is committed to providing beauty and skincare brands, contract manufacturers, and distributors with multifunctional ingredients with proven performances for unique and superior personal care products.

R&D professionals

From formulators and chemists to R&D leaders, we provide high-quality actives, formulation guidance, and other expertise to help your formula stand out and perform.

Beauty brands

Sytheon collaborates with brand, marketing and purchasing managers at beauty and skincare brands of all shapes and sizes, including independent brands. We provide blockbuster ingredients for breakthrough products, and can advise on regulatory, formulation and product development needs. 


Contract manufacturers & distributors

When you need high-performing, scientifically proven ingredients for the brands you work with, look no further than Sytheon. We work with contract manufacturers and distributors across the globe that serve beauty and skincare brands.

When not just any active will do

When ​​your products or clients need an active that makes an impact, you need a partner that….

  • Supports you as you deliver big, clinically-backed claims.
  • Supports skin biology with actives that complete your formula.
  • Supports those actives with solid science and dermatologically-validated clinical data.

When you want safe, stable, scientific and sustainable ingredients – it has to be By Sytheon.

Partner With Sytheon

In today’s rapidly evolving skincare industry, finding the right partner is crucial for delivering innovative products. Team up with us to gain access to all our science-backed actives and to collaborate with our experts. Let’s start a conversation today.