Vitasynol® C

Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate

Stable and Bioavailable Vitamin C

VitaSynol® C is a stable, oil-soluble Vitamin C ester but has no inherent capabilities as an antioxidant because all hydroxyl groups are esterified. VitaSynol® C is truly a precursor of Vitamin C, the release of which reduces cell damage triggered by UVB and suppresses UV-induced melanogenesis through ROS scavenging.

Vitasynol C

VitaSynol® C at a Glance

VitaSynol® C

 at a Glance


Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate

Use Level

3 to 30%


Organic Synthesis

Key Results from Clinical Studies

  • Corrects and prevents intrinsic and extrinsic aging
  • Reduces UV induced pigmentation and even toning


  • True precursor of Vitamin C, the release of which provides skin benefits
  • Improved stability against heat and oxidation compared to Vitamin C
  • Easy to formulate with due to its lipophilicity
  • Increased percutaneous absorption

Formulation Guide

Understand how to use VitaSynol® C in your formula by requesting the formulation guide.

Key Attributes

VitaSynol® C releases Vitamin C, which helps reduce cell damage and scavenge reactive oxygen species, suppressing UV-induced melanogenesis. Since the release of Vitamin C may take hours before it shows a protective effect, it’s important to include an effective antioxidant like Synoxyl® AZ or Sytenol® A to VitaSynol® C formulations.
Globally approvedREACH registered. 

Globally approved.
REACH registered. 



Reduces UV Pigmentation




Other Ingredients

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