UC-Davis has published a placebo controlled clinical study benefits of Synoxyl® AZ

Clinical Effects of Synoxyl® AZ: Sytheon collaborated with UC-Davis researchers on this study which delivers significant improvement in photoaging related skin benefits as well as skin sensitivity through well explored mechanisms of action. The skin benefits were explored through a double-blind placebo controlled randomized clinical study. There was a significant decrease in average wrinkle severity (p=0.019; Mean=-25.7% change), total wrinkle volume (p=0.003; Mean=-30.1 % change), pigment intensity (p=0.021; Mean=-25.6% change), and redness intensity (p=0.035; Mean=-20.7% change) in the AZ group by 8 weeks compared to the placebo. Acetyl zingerone is well tolerated with daily use. No itching, burning, or stinging was noted by study participants. Additionally, AZ treatment has maintained skin microbiome diversity with >20% increase in skin friendly staphylococcus epidermidis.

About Synoxyl® AZ: A multifunctional ingredient whose design was inspired by Zingerone from ginger in nature, AZ works through mechanisms of action recently revealed in academic research to provide skincare benefits around the clock. AZ incorporates both proactive and reactive functionalities to provide 24/7 protection and treatment of skin damage caused by continual exposure to sun, pollution or blue light. AZ’s unique molecular structure provides immediate and long-lasting benefits by quenching and scavenging even the most reactive ROS with high efficiencies as compared to conventional antioxidants. AZ is photochemically stable in contrast to many conventional antioxidants. AZ can be used in skincare formulations either alone or in combination with conventional antioxidants to obtain a higher magnitude of benefits than can be achieved today with current offerings.

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