NYSCC Sunscreen Symposium

NYSCC Sunscreen Symposium

NYSCC is hosting a series of presentations exploring the spread of misinformation regarding sunscreen safety and efficacy. Due to this growing distrust, formulators now face challenges in achieving high SPF and UVA protection while maintaining transparency.

Session: Microbiome Friendly, 24/7 Protect + Repair for Improved Skin Health

Sunscreen primarily protects against the redness from sunburn but falls short in skin repair. In his session, Sytheon President & CEO Ratan Chaudhuri, PhD, will highlight acetyl zingerone (AZ) as a great option for skincare formulations that want to better maintain skin’s overall health. AZ is a proven, powerful ingredient that helps to protect the skin by:

  • Reducing immediate and delayed skin damage
  • Improving skin’s defense by protecting against UV-induced damage
  • Maintaining microbiome diversity


Plus, AZ is a photochemically stable antioxidant that’s 60X more effective than Vitamin E.


Starting Date :

June 3, 2024

Ending Date :

June 3, 2024


Chart House 1700 Harbor Boulevard Weehawken, NJ 07086