Top 5 Beauty and Wellness Trends According to Whole Foods

In celebration of Beauty Week 2020, Whole Foods Market global beauty buyers and experts have unveiled their second annual list of top five beauty trends in 2020:

  1. Bakuchiol
  2. Blue light defense
  3. Watermelon infusion
  4. Glycolic acid
  5. All-over body masks

What they say about Bakuchiol:

“More and more beauty brands are backing Bakuchiol, an extract derived from the seeds of the East Asian babchi plant, which is good news for those with sensitive or dry skin. While traditionally retinol has reigned supreme in skincare routines, consumers are discovering plant-based Bakuchiol as a gentle and welcome alternative. Clean beauty devotees have been seeking out products with the trending plant extract to help skin look smoother, firmer and ultimately reduce the appearance of wrinkles.”

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