Sytheon Obtains a New US Patent 10,828,241 on Synoxyl® AZ (Acetyl Zingerone)

Sytheon inventors have discovered that Synoxyl® AZ (Acetyl Zingerone) functions not only as a highly effective and unique non-sacrificial antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging ingredient, but that it also helps manage skin pigmentation by modulating three distinct non-tyrosinase pathways.

Assigned to Sytheon, U.S. Patent 10,828,241 discloses, “Skin lightening compositions and methods.” This invention relates to skin lightening/even toning compositions for lightening normal and/or hyper-pigmented skin comprising (i) one or more aryl alkanones (i.e., Acetyl Zingerone), (ii) optionally, at least one other skin lightening agent, and (iii) a dermatologically acceptable carrier. Additionally, the present invention relates to the use of these compositions and their method of use to enhance skin lightening, even-out skin’s natural color tones or treat areas of skin darkening or hyperpigmentation like melasma that result from exposure to the sun, other environmental stressors or lasers and light-based therapies; from medical conditions such as acne that cause scar-induced hyperpigmentation; or from normal skin aging that gives rise to age spots, liver spots and freckles. Moreover, Acetyl Zingerone can be combined with Synovea® HR (Hexylresorcinol) to make it even more effective in managing and controlling skin pigmentation due to non-overlapping mechanistic pathways.

Synoxyl® AZ thus provides a translational step forward towards development of a more efficacious molecule to treat or prevent the consequences of intrinsic and extrinsic skin aging as well as to manage areas of hyperpigmentation in skin.