Sytheon Announces New Peer Reviewed Study with Synoxyl® AZ

Publication: T Meyer & RK Chaudhuri, Omni Antioxidant: Acetyl Zingerone scavenges/quenches reactive species, selectively chelates iron, C&T, October 2020 

Abstract: A multifunctional ingredient whose design was inspired by Zingerone from ginger in nature. Synoxyl® AZ exhibits high efficiencies to neutralize all reactive oxygen species (ROS) (including 1O2, -OONO, and OH). This is important since daily exposure to environmental stressors keeps skin under a persistent burden of excess ROS, which drives premature skin aging. The present article explores the multiple benefits of Acetyl Zingerone, as a single ingredient, to proactively manage excess ROS production in skin via sacrificial (i.e., chemical) and non-sacrificial (i.e., physical) pathways.  The ability of Acetyl Zingerone to neutralize ROS through non-sacrificial pathways provides longer-lasting performance and differentiates it from many conventional antioxidants.  Moreover, AZ is not a pro-oxidant and is photochemically stable in contrast to commonly used antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Resveratrol.  Synoxyl® AZ thus represents a true translational step forward in development of more efficacious molecules to treat or prevent the consequences of intrinsic and extrinsic skin aging through superior management of excess ROS production.

About Synoxyl® AZ: Consistent with these findings, other studies document that AZ (1) significantly attenuates intracellular ROS in keratinocytes under exposure to UVA radiation (Int J Cosmet Sci 42 (1) 36-45, 2020) (2) inhibits DNA dimer formation in melanocytes after UV ends possibly by scavenging peroxynitrite as a key precursor involved in the process (Int J Cosmet Sci 42 (1) 36-45) (3) improves extracellular matrix integrity with retinoid-like effects based on genomic and transcriptomic studies ((J Invest Dermatol 140 602-614, 2020) and (4) visibly improves the signs of facial photoaging following daily application of lotion containing 1% AZ over 8-weeks compared with its placebo lotion. Additionally, AZ balances skin microbiome diversity and stimulates skin friendly Staph. epidermidis by >20% (J Cosmet Dermatol Available at doi: 10.1111/JOCD.13464, 2020).

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