Sytenol® A, the only natural Bakuchiol Webinar

Join us on September, 24th at 10 AM (EDT)

As a brand, it can be difficult to choose the right active ingredient in a world driven by digital buzz and natural bogus claims. Sytheon has been working for more than 10 years to offer you a defined active ingredient with unmatched quality: Sytenol®A with 99.9% Bakuchiol is the only one that has built a reputation of being the true natural alternative to retinol. 

Safe, Effective and Easy to use for you to achieve a successful formulation. You should attend this webinar if you are interested in learning:

⦁ What is Bakuchiol?
⦁ Is it really Natural?
⦁ Is Bakuchiol a Phyto-retinol?
⦁ Why there is so much buzz around Bakuchiol?

Sytheon is an innovative research-based company committed to developing high-performance active ingredients for the personal care industry. Scientifically and clinically validated, all active ingredients in the Sytheon portfolio are inspired by nature and “Built for Performance” to improve the health and beauty of the skin.

About the Speaker

Marie Delasson

After a BSc in Biochemistry and a Master’s Degree in International Business, Marie Delasson has worked in the cosmetic industry, both in the US and in Europe. She developed her expertise in specialty chemicals with INOLEX, before joining the world of active ingredients at Sytheon in 2017 as EMEA Sales and Marketing Manager.