Synoxyl® HSS wins a Prestigious Award

Judges at the COSMETIC 360 Conference in Paris name Sytheon Ltd. as the winner of their 2016 competition for the best new raw material for personal care. Synoxyl® HSS (INCI: Trimethoxybenzylidene Pentanedione), is an innovative photo-stabilizer and in-vivo SPF booster with proven antioxidant properties. The multi-functional benefits it provides are the result of its unique and patented chemistry. Based upon substituted benzylidene 2,4-pentanediones, Synoxyl® HSS gives formulators a superior performing ingredient (For example, stabilization of Avobenzone exceeds that of Octocrylene.) to achieve success in today’s skincare marketplace which requires sophisticated products that are elegant enough for everyday use while at the same time not compromising concerns for solar protection. Synoxyl® HSS boosts in-vivo SPF by ≥50% for both organic and inorganic sunscreens when alone it has no in-vivo SPF contribution.