Synoxyl® HSS in the news

Do you want to develop an Octocrylene- and Oxybenzone-free Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen Spray having in-vivo SPF 50+? Look no further, we found the solution. The performance of this new ethanol-based sunscreen spray surpasses that of identical formulations that rely upon alternate photostabilizers for Avobenzone. Results clearly show the photostability provided by Synoxyl® HSS surpasses all the competitive benchmarks tested – Octocrylene, SolaStay® S1 (INCI Name: Ethylhexyl Methoxycrylene) and Oxynex® ST (INCI Name: Diethylhexyl Syringylidene Malonate). Most notably, the photostability afforded by Oxynex® ST falls apart at 40 MED. Synoxyl® HSS boosts in-vivo SPF by 75% versus the Control. Neither one of those three alternative photostabilizers provides any significant in-vivo SPF boosting.

Another significant competitive advantage is the proven ability of Synoxyl® HSS to reduce the damage from oxidative stress caused by UVA-induced formation of radicals. This is due to its NADPH Oxidase (NOX) inhibitory activity, which represents the first step that controls the oxidative stress response cascade. All this in an eco-friendly chemistry that is bio-degradable and non-toxic to aquatic species.

Comparative In-vivo SPF, Critical Wavelength & Photostability for Synoxyl® HSS & Other Commercial Photostabilizers*