Synastol®TC: New publication about its Antipollution Properties

Sytheon publishes new study highlighting the clinical safety and efficacy of Synastol® TC in reversing pollution induced skin damage in Clinical, Cosmetics and Investigative Dermatology, 14:1257-1269, 2021, open access

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Terminalia Chebula, the fruit of longevity

Use of natural phytochemicals in topical formulations with clinical ability to protect, maintain and restore skin’s appearance and architecture throughout life registers strong consumer appeal in today’s anti-aging marketplace. In recent research, Sytheon chronicles the extraordinary anti-aging skin benefits of Synastol® TC, prepared from the fruits of Terminalia chebula, an Asian herb steeped in traditional medicine and revered for its healing powers.

New antipollution clinical study

This study revealed that Synastol® TC exhibited longer-lasting and more efficient antioxidant neutralization of ROS than α-tocopherol; and safeguarded keratinocytes against increases in intracellular ROS, inflammatory cytokines (IL-6 and IL-8) and peroxidation of membrane lipids following exposure to particulate matter for up to 3 hours. Moreover, these benefits measured in chemical and cell-based assays translated into significant benefits in an 8-week clinical trial on female subjects who had lived at least 5 years in Bangalore, one of highest polluted cities in India. Application of a topical formulation containing 1% Synastol® TC lotion to the full face over the 8-week trial yielded significant improvements in dermatologist scores and subject self-assessments for skin texture, hydration, tone, firmness, and radiance, compared with its placebo. Indeed, self-perceived improvements by subjects drove compliance over the course of the study.

Synastol® TC, not any fruit extract

Unlike many phytochemical extracts, Synastol® TC is produced using a well-defined proprietary manufacturing process that guarantees standardized levels of the bioactive phytochemicals (70% hydrolysable tannins, including ≥ 20% chebulinic and ≥ 15% chebulagic acids) known to account for its biological properties. This consistency in manufacturing ensures reproducibility of skin benefits provided by Synastol® TC with every manufactured batch.
Immediate and long-lasting benefits of Synastol® TC align well with the minimalist approach of making only one application each morning to combat external aggressors throughout the day while continuing to provide reparative and strengthening skin care benefits throughout the night

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