Society of Cosmetic Chemists Award to Sytheon

We are proud to share that Sytheon’s founder and President Dr. Ratan Chaudhuri received the prestigious “Society of Cosmetic Chemists Award”, sponsored by Hallstar. It was presented to him at the society’s Awards Breakfast held on December 12, 2018. It was for Dr. Chaudhuri’s paper entitled, “Delayed DNA Damage – How Significant this Pathway is for Skin Damage?” which he presented before the membership at the Society’s 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting. This award is given annually for the Best Paper that makes the greatest scientific contribution to knowledge in the field of protecting against or ameliorating damage to human skin caused by exposure to UV radiation presented at the Society’s Annual Scientific Seminar.

Very briefly, the paper/presentation focused primarily on educating SCC members on the formation of immediate- and delayed-cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers (i-CPDs and d-CPDs) due to skin exposure to UV radiation. It introduced a new topical active, Acetyl Zingerone (Synoxyl® AZ), for preventing and ameliorating the DNA damage resulting in 24/7 prevention and repair of skin damage.

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