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Our experts have been developing and testing high performance active ingredients for personal care since 2006. We’re passionate about our pursuit of perfection, providing groundbreaking research that the rest of the industry turns to as authoritative evidence.

Innovation at Sytheon is not limited to developing new synthetic structure or new application of a defined compound. The innovations that enable progress also include exploring new methods of understanding. Sometimes the biggest impact comes from understanding the mechanism and producing an improved system, which allows us to reach our target faster. True innovation does require years of development.

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We’ve taken care

of the clinicals

Clinical studies are a crucial but complex step in validating an active for commercial use. Sytheon is your fasttrack to consumers – we have the in vitro data and biological properties to prove it.

Ingredients that don’t sacrifice safety for performance

Skincare products are only as good as they are safe for your customers’ skin. Our research focuses on showing our ingredients help improve skin health.

Stable ingredients for safer formulas

Our active ingredients are easy to implement in formulation – and stay stable over time, protecting the safety and efficacy of your formula for its entire shelf life.

Tested with sustainability and specialization in mind

In addition to safety, performance and stability, our ingredients are highly characterized and tested for their impact on the environment, so you can deliver differentiated products to your conscious consumers.

Have questions about Sytheon ingredients or formulations?

Our in-house chemist has the answers.

Multifunctional: Made to reduce your formula’s complexity

Our multifunctional ingredients reduce the number of raw materials you need in your formula, simplifying the production processes and leading to more consistent formulations. This results in cost savings, increased product stability and improved efficacy.

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