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Groundbreaking Research on High-Performing Actives

Explore our research that supports each active we offer.
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Cosmetics & Toiletries, Vol. 131, No. 7, 2016

RK Chaudhuri, Z Lascu, F Marchio

In Cosmeceuticals and Active Cosmetics, 3rd Edition, Chapter 7, 2015

RK Chaudhuri; Editors: RK Sivamani, J Jagdeo, P Elsner & HI Maibach, Francis & Taylor, Boca Raton

British J Dermatology, 173:218-226, 2015

S Kaur, M Kizoulis, J Fantasia, T Oddos, N Bigot, P Galera , S Tucker-Samaras, J J Leyden, M D Southall

Archive Dermatological Research, 306(5):455-465, 2014

YK Won CJ Loy, M Randhawa, MD Southall

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