The Future of Sytenol® A with Beiersdorf in China: PCT 2023 Recap

Sytenol® A (INCI: Bakuchiol) is making its way around the world – especially as the only source of Bakuchiol now approved for use in China. How are multinational personal care companies responding?

Ringier recently hosted its Personal Care Technology (PCT) Convention 2023 in Shanghai, China. With over 2,000 attendees and over 100 top keynote speeches and discussions, the event allowed participants to discuss trending topics surrounding cosmetics regulatory supervision, formulation development, efficacy evaluation and channel innovation.

Yang Jun, Senior Security Assessment Expert at Beiersdorf, was one of the featured speakers. During her presentation on  “New Cell Model Research for Inflamm-Aging and Core Actives Application,” Jun highlighted the company’s research on Sytenol® A, the only China-allowed Bakuchiol with a complete toxicology dossier. She also discussed Beiersdorf’s plans to incorporate Sytenol® A into its NIVEA product line of skin and body care solutions.

Sytenol® A constitutes 99%+ pure commercial Bakuchiol, which exhibits excellent skin tolerance and is scientifically proven to reduce visible signs of wrinkles, photoaging and hyperpigmentation. It was first introduced to the public in 2007 by Sytheon, a global supplier of unique and multifunctional skincare ingredients. 

“It’s an honor to have Sytenol® A mentioned at this year’s PCT Convention,” said Dr. Ratan K. Chaudhuri, CEO and President of Sytheon. “We are excited to see how Beiersdorf uses Sytenol® A in its NIVEA products and are thankful for the opportunity to introduce our Bakuchiol ingredient to more brands across the world.”

Sytenol® A is the gold standard for Bakuchiol because of its 99%+ purity and high stability. Request a sample for your formulation today.