Facts about Sytenol® A (Bakuchiol)

  • We know Bakuchiol inside and out
  • We are the lead pioneer in the field of Bakuchiol investigation and development, particularly when it comes to quality, definition, and efficacy for personal care use.
  • We are the trendsetters for the use and application of Bakuchiol where what we say and what we do is based upon and supported by science and verified by end-users

Sytenol® A Bakuchiol is only available from Sytheon and is the first and only “Bakuchiol” in the market that has been and continues to be investigated extensively at the molecular level both in-house and in collaboration with Universities as well as by independent third parties. We have built upon these research efforts and their findings and have translated them to real-world clinical benefits. Indeed, these findings validate Sytheon Bakuchiol’s clinical efficacy as being at par with retinol (British J Dermatology180:289-296, 2019; 180:253-254, 2019) and qualifying it as a true natural alternative to retinol. A fact that has been accepted by the scientific community and dermatologists and verified by end-users.

Sytenol® A Bakuchiol has created its own trend in the personal care industry and market channel and every day we see more followers than ever. We have been investigating Bakuchiol for the last 13 years and we will continue to do so to explore all avenues of clinical utility and efficacy. For the most part, our efforts have focused on quality, safety, and efficacy as well as utility. While we have seen others attempt to ride the success of Sytenol® A Bakuchiol with their Babchi Oil and Bakuchiol Extract products in the market, their products are not clearly defined materials and our analyses have shown low levels of Bakuchiol and, more critically, high levels of photosensitizers, particularly psoralene and isopsoralene, which are skin irritants. Given their clinical applications, extreme care and caution should be addressed to their product safety & efficacy.

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