Is It the Best Bakuchiol? 5 Ways to Tell You Have the Best Ingredient

Bakuchiol is an active ingredient that’s taking the cosmetic industry by storm. But as Bakuchiol grows in popularity, so does the number of knockoffs. How do you know if you’re using the right Bakuchiol for your formulation? Here are five ways to tell.

In today’s world, more and more cosmetic consumers are becoming vocal about what they want from their beauty products. Whether it is sustainability, naturality, or effectiveness, customers are expressing their needs. Good news – beauty brands are listening and always looking for innovative ingredients that meet these standards. One such ingredient is Bakuchiol. 

What Is Bakuchiol?

Bakuchiol is a plant-based skincare ingredient that helps reduce acne and signs of aging and can be tolerated by many different skin types. It’s sustainably extracted from the seeds of the Babchi plant (Psoralea corylifolia) and is considered the natural alternative to retinol. Bakuchiol has all the same benefits as retinol without the negative side effects, making it an ideal ingredient for various beauty products. 

Not All Bakuchiol Is Created Equal

Bakuchiol was first commercially used in 2007 under the trade name Sytenol® A. Over the years, more and more brands have incorporated this ingredient into their products. But not all Bakuchiol is created equal. For example, some Bakuchiols on the market contain high amounts of sensitizers and can cause harmful side effects. Therefore, brands need to be vigilant when sourcing Bakuchiol for their formulations.

Here are five characteristics to look for.

5 Ways to Know If You Have the Best Bakuchiol

1. The Best Bakuchiol Has >99% Purity

The best Bakuchiol is >99% pure – and it matters. The purest Bakuchiol guarantees efficacy and safety for consumers with all different skin types. Bakuchiol that is only 95% pure contains 5% of skin sensitizers, residual solvents and other unknown ingredients that can cause problems such as contact dermatitis, redness, and irritation. Therefore, consumers will believe that Bakuchiol hurts their skin more than it helps and will turn away from these products entirely.

Any Babchi-derived ingredient that is less than 99% pure has to be listed as Psoralea corylifolia plant extract on the label. This indicates to consumers that they are not buying products with the best Bakuchiol. To ensure consumers that they are getting the best product, consider using Sytenol® A Bakuchiol, the gold standard for Bakuchiol with >99% purity.

2. The Best Bakuchiol Is Highly Stable for High Performance

With any active ingredient, purity level and stability go hand in hand. The less pure the ingredient is, the less stable it will be in a final formulation. Subsequently, as an ingredient degrades, so does its activity resulting in a less effective final product. Lastly, using a less pure ingredient can also lead to formulation challenges.

When formulating with a Bakuchiol that is unstable, you may see degradation in the finished formula as separation or a color change. To avoid this and formulation limitations, use Sytenol® A Bakuchiol, the most stable Bakuchiol.

Sytenol® A Bakuchiol eliminates formulation challenges and remains stable over time. Consumers can feel good about buying a product containing Sytenol® A Bakuchiol and know that it will continue to be effective use after use.

3. The Best Bakuchiol Has Real Data to Support Its Claims

Clinical data serves as the cornerstone of any evidence-based approach to skincare. Meticulous scientific studies, including clinical trials, provide invaluable insights into the actual effects of an ingredient on the skin. These studies involve meticulous observation, data collection, and analysis under controlled conditions, ensuring that the observed outcomes prove the ingredient is safe and effective.

When it comes to skincare, relying solely on anecdotal reports or marketing claims can lead to disappointment and even adverse reactions.

Not all Bakuchiol has been backed by clinical data. Fortunately, Sytenol® A Bakuchiol has undergone rigorous studies to ensure its efficacy and safety. In one study, researchers compared Sytenol® A Bakuchiol to retinol in its ability to treat facial aging. The results found that Sytenol® A Bakuchiol offered multidirectional efficacy against skin aging. It also provided additional benefits, such as extracellular matrix protein boosting, accelerated epidermal regeneration, and wound healing.

Sytenol® A Bakuchiol continues to be the most researched and clinically tested Bakuchiol. 

4. The Best Bakuchiol Is REACH Registered to Guarantee Safety

Regulations, put in place by governing bodies, exist in the cosmetic industry to ensure the safety, efficacy, and integrity of ingredients and finished products.

Products that don’t meet these cosmetic standards can spell trouble for consumers, as they may be ineffective or cause negative side effects.

The European Union’s Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulation is one of the most comprehensive chemical regulations in the world. Its goal is to protect the health of humans and the environment from risks posed by chemical substances. Any European organization that wants to manufacture or import a substance greater than or equal to 1 ton per year must be REACH registered. Cosmetic ingredients such as Bakuchiol fall under this list of substances.

Currently, there is only one REACH registered Bakuchiol, Sytenol® A, which has undergone a rigorous evaluation process to ensure its safety. Using Sytenol® A Bakuchiol in formulations shows consumers the commitment to using reliable ingredients that are environmentally friendly and safe on skin.

5. The Best Bakuchiol Is Approved as a New Cosmetic Ingredient (NCI) in China

China is one of the fastest-growing cosmetics markets in the world, with most beauty brands wanting to enter this space. However, strict regulations have been put in place by the China National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) to maintain product quality and safety. Ingredients must go through comprehensive testing and evaluation that comply with NMPA’s requirements. Only when all ingredients in a formula are approved for use can a brand sell that product in China.

Sytenol® A Bakuchiol is the only form of Bakuchiol approved as a New Cosmetic Ingredient (NCI). This unlocks access to companies who already use Sytenol® A Bakuchiol in their product or for global companies who wish to incorporate Bakuchiol in their future product lines. 


Working with the best Bakuchiol – which is >99% pure, stable, supported by clinical data, REACH registered, and approved as a new cosmetic ingredient in China – is the easiest way to create a winning product. Go with the gold; choose Sytenol® A Bakuchiol for your next innovative product. 

Sytenol® A Bakuchiol is an innovative form of Bakuchiol developed by Sytheon. To test our ingredient in your formulation, request a sample.