Sytheon is a research-backed developer of high-performance active ingredients for the personal care industry. When you want to simplify your formula while enhancing performance and sustainability, choose Sytheon.

  • Robust toxicological dossiers 
  • REACH registration
  • Close collaboration with toxicological experts
  • Highly defined ingredients with strong product characterization
  • Claim differentiation within the finished product
  • Stability in formulation over time
  • Easy to implement in formulation
  • Claims scientifically and clinically validated to improve the health and beauty of the skin
  • Benefits perceivable at the consumer level
  • Eco-friendly ingredients derived from sustainable sources

Our value drivers

Since 2006, our team of technical experts have followed five core elements in our pursuit of creating blockbuster ingredients for personal care products.

Our mission

Every Sytheon ingredient is inspired by nature – either directly from Mother Nature herself or made through natural chemistry and organic synthesis. All so you can help your customers address and correct most skin concerns.


Brightening & 
Even Toning
Stabilizing &
SPF Boosting


Hydrating &
Barrier Building
Pollution &
Blue Light


Our partners

High Quality Ingredients Start with High Quality Partners.
From R&D and production to safety, human clinical, and regulatory, we work with recognized experts in their field from all around the world.




Human Clinical


Intellectual Property & Trademark

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