Synastol® TC & HydraSynol IDL: True Natural “Solutions to Pollution” ……. and Blue Light.

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In cell-based (keratinocytes) assays, Synastol® TC was found to reduce the formation of reactive oxygen species(ROS) caused by pollution (urban dust) and blue light. It also was proven to prevent the lipid peroxidation caused by pollution. Furthermore, an ELISA study of human keratinocytes proved that it reduces pollution induced pro-inflammatory biomarkers IL-6 and IL-8. It also minimizes inflammation by inhibiting COX & LOX activity. Together with HydraSynol IDL (INCI Name: Isosorbide Disunflowerseedate), which hydrates the skin while it builds and maintains a healthy skin barrier to prevent TEWLS, they are the actives provide true "solutions to pollution" ... and blue light.

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