Sytheon Announces New Peer Reviewed Study with Synoxyl® AZ

Publication: T Meyer & RK Chaudhuri, Omni Antioxidant: Acetyl Zingerone scavenges/quenches reactive species, selectively chelates iron, C&T, October 2020  Abstract: A multifunctional ingredient whose design was inspired by Zingerone from ginger in nature. Synoxyl® AZ exhibits high efficiencies to neutralize all reactive oxygen species (ROS) (including 1O2, -OONO, and •OH). This is important since daily exposure […]

Sytheon Patents Isosorbide Esters for Skin Diseases, Enters Dermatological Market

Sytheon inventors have discovered certain esters of isosorbide can modify and regulate the expression of genes, genetic networks, and cellular pathways in the skin. The company has patented this invention for the dermatology market. Assigned to Sytheon, U.​S. Patent 10,597,402 discloses, “compositions and methods for restoring epidermal integrity and function and treating dermatol­ogical diseases.” According […]

Facts about Sytenol® A (Bakuchiol)

We know Bakuchiol inside and out We are the lead pioneer in the field of Bakuchiol investigation and development, particularly when it comes to quality, definition, and efficacy for personal care use. We are the trendsetters for the use and application of Bakuchiol where what we say and what we do is based upon and […]

UC-Davis has published a placebo controlled clinical study benefits of Synoxyl® AZ

Clinical Effects of Synoxyl® AZ: Sytheon collaborated with UC-Davis researchers on this study which delivers significant improvement in photoaging related skin benefits as well as skin sensitivity through well explored mechanisms of action. The skin benefits were explored through a double-blind placebo controlled randomized clinical study. There was a significant decrease in average wrinkle severity […]

Sytheon Obtains a New US Patent on Synoxyl® AZ (Acetyl Zingerone)

Sytheon Obtains a New US Patent US Patent: 10,568,819 Assignee: Sytheon Title: Skin Enhancing Compositions and Methods Commercial Product: Synoxyl® AZ (Acetyl Zingerone) Compositions and methods are described to improve skin appearance by building and defending its function and integrity through reducing up-stream and scavenging down-stream oxidative pathways as well as through recalibrating the expression […]

Sytheon Announces Second Peer Reviewed Publication on Synoxyl® AZ in J Investigative Dermatology

WR Swindell, K Bojanowski, RK Chaudhuri, A zingerone analog, acetyl zingerone, bolsters matrisome synthesis, inhibits MMPs, and represses IL-17A target gene expression, J Invest Dermatol, 2019 Aug 26. doi: 10.1016/j.jid.2019.07.715. Abstract: Acetyl zingerone (AZ) is a recently designed molecule that shares structural features with Zingerone (Z) but has improved stability and antioxidant function. This study […]

Sytheon Announces New Peer Reviewed Publication on Synoxyl® AZ

RK Chaudhuri, T Meyer, S Premi, D Brash, Acetyl Zingerone: An efficacious multifunctional ingredient for continued protection against on-going DNA damage in melanocytes after sun exposure ends, International J Cosmetic Science, 2019 Sep 20. doi: 10.1111/ics.12582. Open access. Abstract: Damage to DNA is arguably the most important type of photodamage initiated by sun exposures. Recent […]

Sytheon announces expansion of its industrial and marketing partnership with Roquette for commercialization of innovative active ingredients in the personal care market

In collaboration with Sytheon, Roquette has expanded the scope of isosorbide diesters technology and will begin to contribute to the promotion of Hydrasynol™, in concert with Sytheon sales & marketing efforts. HydraSynol™ patented product line addresses two basic skin health needs – barrier function and hydration utilizing unique biological pathways. The commercial and supply chain […]

Synastol® TC & Hydra Synol® IDL: True Natural “Solutions to Pollution” ……. and Blue Light

In cell-based (keratinocytes) assays, Synastol® TC was found to reduce the formation of reactive oxygen species(ROS) caused by pollution (urban dust) and blue light. It also was proven to prevent lipid peroxidation caused by pollution. Furthermore, an ELISA study of human keratinocytes proved that it reduces pollution-induced pro-inflammatory biomarkers IL-6 and IL-8. It also minimizes […]

Society of Cosmetic Chemists Award to Sytheon

We are proud to share that Sytheon’s founder and President Dr. Ratan Chaudhuri received the prestigious “Society of Cosmetic Chemists Award”, sponsored by Hallstar. It was presented to him at the society’s Awards Breakfast held on December 12, 2018. It was for Dr. Chaudhuri’s paper entitled, “Delayed DNA Damage – How Significant this Pathway is […]