HydraSynol DOI ( INCI: Isosorbide Dicaprylate ) is now REACH registered in Europe for an annual use level of 100 tons.

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REACH registration for HydraSynol DOI has been a major achievement for Sytheon considering the challenge faced by cosmetic ingredient manufacturers in fulfilling the Toxicity & Eco-toxicity requirements for high volume approval. HydraSynol DOI is approved for use as a cosmetic ingredient in Japan, Korea and many other countries except China.

HydraSynol DOI is a well-defined lipophilic compound and is one of the best cost-effective solutions for improving Skin Hydration and Barrier Homeostasis on the market today. HydraSynol DOI is naturally derived, ECOCERT approved material. Clinically, HydraSynol DOI has been proven to be very effective in providing long-term and controlled Skin Hydration and works synergistically with glycerol.

Key attributes of HydraSynol DOI:

  • Smart Skin Hydrator – Helps transport moisture where it is needed for the best results
  • Supports in restoring & enhancing skin’s natural moisture retention mechanisms
  • Brings back skin homeostasis by stimulating E-Cadherin
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