About Us

Who We Are

Sytheon is an innovative USA-based specialty ingredient company for the personal care and cosmetic industry. The company was founded in 2006 by Dr. Ratan K. Chaudhuri, a prolific innovator and cosmetics industry veteran with over 25 years of experience. Dr. Chaudhuri was the Technical Director of Personal Care Products at EMD Chemicals (Merck KGaA, Germany) before establishing Sytheon. Currently, he is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Sytheon.

In January 2008, Francois Marchio, another industry veteran with over 25-year experience, joined Sytheon as Chief Operating Officer and Managing Director of Sytheon SARL, France. He has spent most of his career with Merck KGaA (Germany) organization. In February 2012, Zoia Lascu joined Sytheon as Sales Manager in order to manage and expand direct sales activity in the US. In June 2017, Marie Delasson joined the company as a Sales & Marketing Manager, EMEA region

Our business strategy is designed to address the realities and the needs of the global marketplace. We are building broader and deeper relationships with our distributors and customers worldwide through outstanding professionalism and total transparency. Today, Sytheon is recognized as a leading, global supplier of proprietary active ingredients driven by innovative chemistries and compelling science.

Core Business

While many ingredient suppliers to the personal care industry remain narrowly focused on being "all-natural" Sytheon prefers to make the creation and supply of truly functional ingredients the priority. Whether drawing from nature or relying upon controlled chemical synthesis, Sytheon follows green and bio concepts to provide well-defined materials with strong product characterization and supported by scientifically rigorous claim substantiation protocols. Since 2007, we’ve taken significant steps focusing our efforts to expand our product portfolio and create highly-functional active ingredients with clinically proven efficacy results. Today, we offer effective and differentiated products for Antiaging, Skin Lightening, Skin Protection, Skin Hydration, Problem Skin & Sun Care Solutions. An advantage that truly sets Sytheon apart from the competition – its the difference between merely a good result and a truly great one made possible with Sytheon ingredients!


Sytheon’s product development mission is to discover and design differentiated “best-in-class” cosmetic actives having multifunctional properties and meeting the demands of the market. We continue to invest in and grow our skin care business, with a focus on solidifying our core foundation and expand into new product segments. We expect to attain this through sustained, organic growth leveraging our innovation platform, core formulation expertise and partnering with world-class quality-minded manufacturers. Our goal is to be a leading player by providing our customers with value-added actives, technologies and insights that help them to create unique and superior products.